Pastured Chicken

Pasture raised chicken

All our chickens are raised by hand respectfully, we tend to them twice a day, everyday to ensure that they have nothing but the best quality of life. With access to pasture 24 hrs a day 7 days a week (when they are not in the protection and warmth of the brooder) we can guarantee our bird have had a life most birds could only dream of. Thank-you for supporting the Ethical Meat Movement and enabling us to continue with the work that we do.

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We have a small flock of layer birds that help spread our cows manure, add fertility to the soil and eat all our waste veg from the market garden! They sometimes even enjoy milk from our house cow, they're pretty spoilt and their eggs are delicious!

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Market Garden

Chemical/Spray Free Heirloom Vegetables

We are currently in the process of setting up a market garden that follows organic principles, with a permanent minimal till/no-till bed system utilising regenerative farming practices.  Our goal for this season is to hopefully supply a handful of cafes/restaurants and go to a local market each Saturday and hopefully help foster a more localised food system.

If you're interested in using our produce at your cafe or restaurant please get in touch 

Otherwise follow our Instagram @broadchurchfarm or Facebook Page for updates on where to buy our produce.

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Pork, Beef & Lamb

Seasonally Available

Seasonally we will have small quantities of pastured meat available. Best to get in touch with us directly if you are interested or tune in to our social media updates for beef, lamb or pork availability. These are animals raised ethically and on pasture. 

Restaurants feel free to get in touch as we would prefer whole carcass sales. 

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