Who we are

Calum Jacobsen & Samara PIluris-Sheehy

We thought it’s about time we properly introduced ourselves! We have been blown away by the support from restaurants and consumers around Tassie and realise a lot of you love our product but might not know that much about us - the farmers! So firstly we are Calum and Samara, both 22 years old with no farming background. We moved to Tasmania two and a half years ago from Perth WA where we had a small backyard vegetable garden and a few chooks. Straight out of high school we travelled to New Zealand and Europe for six months and returned unsure of what we wanted to do! Calum’s parents had just bought a hobby farm in Tasmania as a sea-change/semi retirement but they couldn’t move for another year due to work requirements so we offered to look after the place till they could move. We set up some vegetable gardens and bought way too many animals in pure excitement, learning later that infrastructure and good pasture are pretty necessary first. Blown away by the network of conscious consumers and growers we were introduced to by @sprouttas and Michelle from @harvestfeast we realised that small agriculture was potentially something we could make a living from that aligned with our values, and enabled us to give back to the land and our community. We like to refer to the last two years as research and development as we have learnt so much with plenty of mistakes! Finally finding our feet at the end of last year with launching our pasture raised chicken we’re so happy with the response and feel like we have found our niche in Tassies food network.


Broadmarsh TAS 7030

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