September 2020 - UPDATE

We've been quiet for the last couple of months as COVID forced us to stop. We realised we needed the time to overcome exhaustion and find the passions and interests we had before we started Broadchurch Farm. It's with heavy hearts that we've decided it's time for us to move on from this piece of land, bringing to a close three wonderfully hard years of learning, growing and providing to our community. We haven't made this decision lightly as we know that there are so many people around us that have been incredibly supportive, people that have answered our questions, turned up to drop offs and taken our abundances. We are truly grateful to the community that we have found ourselves in and we're truly sorry to no longer be able to offer our pasture-raised chicken.

This is not a forever decision, we have found our passion in farming and want to come back to the land at some point in the future. As twenty-two year old, first generation farmers we have realised that we need to go away and work on a few things in order to be able to buy our own farm, with the space, finances and life experience to continue this journey sustainably.

Where to now? We honestly don't know. We know one thing for sure and that is beyond 2020 we need a stronger, localised food system that offers more support to producers. While we will not be continuing Broadchurch Farm, we do hope to stay involved with helping build that food-system.

In the meantime keep us in mind if you have any work for two dedicated, passionate people with a range of skills in business management, hospitality, retail and farming.

Calum & Samara


Broadchurch Farm

First generation, young farmers raising small batch pastured chicken and growing heirloom vegetables

Calum & Samara